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Welcome to Umpqua Astronomers of Douglas County 

Astronomy enthusiasts of Douglas county gather for monthly meeting  the
second Tuesday of each month
The next UA meeting is  June 9th  6:30 p.m. PDT ONLINE ONLY. Please ask for Zoom Link and password to join the monthly meetings



All star gazing events are cancelled!    As you stay home, enjoy the sky from your back yard:

Planets:--Say goodbye to Venus and Hello to Mercury.  Venus is rapidly approaching solar conjunction, and will be lost in the glare of the sunset by month's close. 
Mercury is climbing away from the sunset and passes Venus on May 22nd at about 1 degree separation.  Mercury will continue to climb into early June.  Peak elevation will occur on June 3rd.  Mercury will swiftly dive toward sunset and be difficult to spot by mid June. 
Comets:-- If skies clear seek Comet Swan. Look just after sunset toward the Northwest horizon with your binoculars or small telescope to spot Comet Swan. Best nights May 27-June 1st. 
Telescope observers should try to observe Comet T2 PanStarrs.  This 9th magnitude comet can be spotted near the Big Dipper.  Detailed star chart available at UA June Meeting. 
May brings 2 supernova.  Telescope observers can try to spot supernovas in M61 and NGC 3643.  Both SN are faint, <12.5 magnitude. 


All UA Events Cancelled.

Umpqua Astronomers is a participating in the Astronomical League. This provides members with a quarterly national magazine, "the Reflector" and many observing project to help beginners to use a hands on approach to learn about astronomy. Umpqua Astronomers  is an active member of the Night Sky network , International Astronomical Union programs, the Global Astronomy Month, and  the International Observe the Moon program .  Club members are encouraged and supported in becoming comfortable learning and exploring the night sky.

Umpqua Astronomers are an active supporting partner of U.C.C.'s Paul Morgan Observatory. Club stargazing events are held at the observatory during spring to fall months.   Link to   Morgan Observatory website  

All PMO events are cancelled due to the Novel Corona virus Covid 19